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US Election 2016: Battle of Health

09/12/2016 - 15:09

News about the state of health of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stirred up the news space once again. Her doctor diagnosed pneumonia.

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
On Sunday at a funeral ceremony in memory of the victims of September 11, Hillary Clinton fainted, was helped to get into a car, and then went home. There is a video, which shows the presidential candidate fainting, and, apparently, Hillary Clinton couldn’t have get into the car without help.

Later, it became known that a doctor examined Hillary Clinton on Friday, and diagnosed her pneumonia. Clinton was advised to take antibiotics, change her schedule, and take a little more rest.

However, later it was reported that Clinton felt better, and there has been yet another video. Reports of Hillary Clinton’s health problems are arriving punctually, but this time it has also been documented.

Presidential election is always a show in America, and the intrigue will be thick in the air until the last moment. Few days ago, Hillary Clinton has made a rather significant error by publicly calling supporters of Trump a "basket of deplorables".

Trump himself then made a quite appropriate remark: how Clinton could be President of the United States, if "she had so much contempt and arrogance with regard to so many Americans."

Today’s morning brought fresh news. Hillary Clinton has canceled a pre-election tour around California. Today, she was to go to California and Nevada, but the trip to the west coast of the United States has been canceled, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the US presidential candidate from the Republican Part, billionaire Donald Trump prohibited his assistants from commenting on Hillary Clinton’s health in a negative way, CNN reported. According to sources in the candidate’s headquarters, they intend to respect the current situation. The billionaire himself previously declined to comment on his rival's health, saying that he "does not know anything about it."

"I really do not know what's going on. I wish her a speedy recovery." - said Trump. He also added that he would soon publish detailed information on the state of their health.

Age of the leading candidates for the US presidency has become one of the most important battles during the US presidential election in 2016.

"Never before have the American elections had such elderly candidates as 70-year-old Mr. Trump and 68-year-old Mrs. Clinton" - writes The New York Times.

Clarification of health condition of candidates for president often becomes an important issue in the US presidential campaign. Some candidates talk about it more readily, and others are more cautious, but voters are always concerned about this topic.

However, some Americans like to joke that one of the most successful presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt ruled America from a wheelchair.

If Trump stays in office for two terms, he will leave it by the age of 78, and Clinton - by 76.

For comparison, Republican George W. Bush assumed the US presidency at the age of 54 years. John Kerry, his rival for the presidential race in 2004, was 60 years old.

In turn, Barack Obama became the youngest presidential candidate. He entered the race at the age of 47 years in 2008. At the same time, presidency came at a price to Obama. Users of social networks posted many photographs showing how the US president has aged.