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UN: 270 million people in the world are on the brink of starvation death

12/11/2020 - 03:27

David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme, while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for the organization, called on the world to use its wealth to fight hunger.
He said "because of multiple wars, climate change, the widespread use of hunger as a political and military weapon, and a pandemic that makes all these problems several times worse, 270 million people are at risk of dying of hunger" - "more than the entire population of Western Europe".

"If they are not helped, there will be a pandemic of hunger that will eclipse the full impact of COVID," Mr. Beasley said, adding that 30 million of those 270 million people were 100 per cent dependent on the World Food Programme assistance.

The organisation estimates it needs $5 billion to save those 30 million lives, Mr. Beasley noted: "There is now $400 trillion of accumulated wealth in the world". 

Even at the height of the pandemic, "$2.7 trillion were scraped together in in just 90 days", and only $5 billion is needed to save from people hunger. "Please don't ask us to choose who lives and who dies... Let's feed everyone who needs it," he urged.