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UAE passport ranks first in Arton Capital's Passport ranking

12/08/2022 - 09:19

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport received a score of 180 in comparison of passports offering their holders the most favorable international treatment.

Only 18 nations require prior permission to visit for UAE nationals, according to a study by the Canadian consulting firm Arton Capital. The UAE passport grants holders visa-free entry to 121 countries across the world, and in 59 countries it allows document holders to obtain a visa upon arrival.

The passports of Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Finland, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and South Korea all fall on the second line of the scale (173 points).

Russian passport ranks 38th, whereas the American passport comes in third with 172 points (123 points). Only 78 countries, according to Arton, do not require a visa for admission for Russian nationals. Afghanistan's passport was acknowledged by the company as the least quoted global document; it came in 97th with 38 points and five visa-free places (among the "outsiders" of the list are also Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen).