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Trump says he faces over 560 years in prison

08/03/2023 - 03:32

Former US President Donald Trump said he might receive six life sentences or 561 years in prison as per the charges against him.

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
"Crooked Joe is in command of the dishonest U.S. Justice Department, which has unlawfully filed accusations against me once more. According to some reports, the left's relentless witch hunt could result in my serving a total of 561 years in prison. Six lifetime sentences," wrote Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump was charged in April with 43 counts of fabricating campaign finance reports from the 2016 election, and in June – with 40 counts of having secret documents in his Florida home. 

He was charged on August 1 in relation to the Capitol storming on January 6, 2021. He could spend up to 20 years in prison on two of the four counts in the case.