The Strategist

Survey: 64% of the world population consider climate change a global emergency

01/28/2021 - 02:45

The UN's largest-ever public opinion poll on climate shows that 64% of people consider climate change to be a global emergency, and 59% of them believe that whatever is needed to fix it should be done as soon as possible. The large-scale survey, which took place between October and December 2020, involved 1.2 million people from 50 countries, where 56% of the world's population lives.

The people most convinced that climate change is a global emergency are those living in small island states, which are already experiencing its effects directly: rising seas are flooding their territories. 74% of the island states responded positively to this question. The same is true for 72% of respondents in Western Europe and North America and for 65% in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

The participants also gave their opinion on the most important measures to combat climate change in all areas of life, including energy, the economy, transport, nature, agriculture and food production. The majority of those polled think that forests and land should be conserved and protected (54%), solar, wind and renewable energies should be used (53%), and agricultural methods that do not cause climate change should be used (52%).

In Brazil, Indonesia and Argentina, where deforestation is widespread, 60%, 57% and 57%, respectively, consider it important to protect forests and land. In the countries with the highest emissions in the electricity and heat sectors, a majority of those polled see a need for renewable energy: the USA (65%), Australia (76%), Canada (73%) and Germany (71%), etc. 

In 9 of the 10 most urbanised countries, a majority of citizens support climate-friendly transport and urban planning. This was the opinion of 73% of respondents in the UK, 67% in Canada, 66% in Australia, and 56% in the USA.