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Storm Ciara kills six in Europe

02/11/2020 - 08:14

At least six people were killed in Europe as a result of the blow of Storm Chiara, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

In particular, one person each died in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and in southern Britain. These were drivers whose cars fell on trees.

Two more people died in a ski resort in Poland, when a roof collapsed due to inclement weather. Two more people were injured.

In Sweden, one man drowned after the boat on which he sailed with a friend on Lake Fegen turned over. The second passenger is still missing.

Also, Storm Chiara resulted in cancellation of hundreds of flights and trains in Europe.

In addition, the storm shut off electricity in 130 thousand houses in France, 62 thousand houses in the UK, 50 thousand houses in the German federal state of Bavaria, and 10 thousand in Ireland

In the UK, meteorologists warned the population of the increased risk of flooding, and in France and Ireland, authorities recommended that the population be careful in coastal areas because of the danger of storm waves and flooding.

Storm Chiara’s wind gusts reached 150 km/h in north-west Wales, and 140 km/h in the north of France.