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Reuters: EU proposes to stop Russian nuclear fuel imports

04/21/2022 - 07:42

Several EU countries have proposed freezing Russian nuclear fuel imports, banning Russian TV news channels, suspending Russian visas, and applying fresh penalties against allegedly "Kremlin-connected" individuals and enterprises, reports Reuters.

IAEA Imagebank via flickr
IAEA Imagebank via flickr
According to the newspaper, the European Commission is currently working to improve availability of alternative energy sources in order to "lower the price of giving up Russian oil" and persuade Germany and a number of other "reluctant" countries to join the initiative.

A number of EU countries are also pushing for new limits, according to the report.

The restrictions include a prohibition on nuclear fuel imports from Russia, a new ban on Russian news channels, suspension of visas for Russians, and extra sanctions against individuals and firms associated to the Kremlin, according to the statement.

The report notes that none of these policies have been publicly suggested, and the countries' perspectives on them are diverse.



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