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Over 7,000 flights cancelled worldwide on Christmas due to Omicron and bad weather

12/27/2021 - 08:47

According to FlightAware, almost 7,000 flights have been canceled worldwide in the last three days.

Around 2,400 flights were canceled on Christmas Eve, December 24. Another 11,000 flights were rescheduled. Another 2,856 flights were canceled on Saturday, Catholic Christmas Day, while passengers on 9,400 planes had to wait longer than expected for their aircraft to depart.

Finally, the number of flights that have been canceled has already surpassed 2,000. Approximately 5,000 additional flights were canceled for the weekend in total. During the holiday season, more than 7,000 flights were canceled and more than 25,000 planes were delayed.

The majority of flights were canceled by Chinese airlines, namely, Air China and China Eastern. About 10% of daily traffic in the United States was stopped. The cancellations were explained by adverse weather and an increase in the omicron strain viral infection, according to Delta Airlines.