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Omicron strain found in 63 countries

12/13/2021 - 07:42

The omicron strain has been identified in 63 countries and is expected to surpass the delta strain in the rate of spread worldwide, indicates the World Health Organization's technical information related to the new variant of the coronavirus.

"As of 9 December 2021, human cases of infection with this variant have been identified in 63 countries in all six WHO regions," the circulated document reads.

It is not yet clear what the rapid spread of the new strain is due to, the WHO said.

"However, given the data available to date, it is reasonable to assume that the omicron strain will outperform the delta variant where the virus is spreading among communities," WHO said.

Preliminary data suggest that the new variation may reduce the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, but this variant is less dangerous than the delta, the report notes.

"To date, there are limited data and no confirmed evidence for the efficacy of omicron vaccines. Preliminary data and the significantly altered antigenic protein profile of the 'omicron' strain suggest reduced vaccine efficacy against infection and transmission of the variant," the statement said.

At the same time, WHO notes that preliminary data indicate that the new strain will be less dangerous, as most cases detected were asymptomatic or mild to moderately symptomatic.


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