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Obesity in the US: the Problem Is Growing Bigger

06/23/2015 - 16:46

In the US now, even more people suffer from obesity or overweight than 20 years ago, according to the study published in the scientific medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

Tony Alter
Tony Alter
Experts analyzed data collected from 2007 to 2012. The study involved 15 thousand of men and women aged 25 years and older. It turned out that two thirds of women in this group, and three-quarters of men are overweight. The authors specify that the extra weight is observed in 40% of men and 30% women, and obese - 35% and 37%, respectively.

Doctors say that the number of obese people tends to increase. A similar analysis was performed earlier on the basis of data collected from 1988 to 1994. Then, 63% of men and 55% of women were overweight or diagnosis of "obesity".

- Completeness and obesity can cause a number of chronic diseases, including hypertension, heart failure, diabetes type, osteoarthritis and some cancers, - explains study co-author, epidemiologist at the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri) Lin Young. In her opinion, a collective effort is needed to combat this phenomenon. Doctors should not hide the truth about their patients problems that threaten their health. At the time, the society itself must take a course on healthy lifestyle when it is required.
- Not everyone can afford healthy food. We have to deal with this at the federal level, - said the expert.

Experts believe that food has become a drug, which is developed, produced and marketed by companies betting on addiction. In laboratories, scientists have created chemical substances - very sweet, very fatty and very salty, known as the highest point of taste. Such food hook the consumers who want more and more.

Kozein is a milk protein that is degraded in our digestive system and converted into kozomorfin, and kozomorfin - in a substance similar to morphine drug. It stimulates the brain a little, and we feel pleasure.

Experts say that corporations are developing foods and beverages that affect the taste buds while fooling the brain. It does not feel satiety and the person continues to eat as a result.

Why doesn’t the food industry make a healthier product in the country where millions of teenagers is already suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels?

- It's greed. Money is more important than health for us. Everything is exactly the same as with cigarettes. We want people to have the habit. The tobacco industry do the same. It needed cigarettes to be addictive, because it provides sales and demand a generation forward - said Kenneth Kendrick, a former employee of Peanut Corporation.

Another factor in the success of large food corporations - successful marketing companies. In the US, there are no restrictions on advertising of food and drink, even if its target audience is children.

In 2012, the singer Beyonce has signed a promotional contract with Pepsi for $ 50 million, while the American Heart Association issued a report stating that in 2010, 25 thousand of people have died for reasons related to the abuse of soft drinks.

Now, Europe requires ‘GMO products’ marks on the package, whilst the US has a big problem with the product labeling. It is very difficult to achieve the right standards in this area. Manufacturers of products greatly inhibit the process, because they do not want to report what people eat really.

The largest grocery retailer in the United States announced that it would begin to stick a warning to all products containing GMOs in the next five years. This chain is the first and so far the only one that introduces such a rule. But when it comes, to fast food and sweets such as soda - there are no rules. Even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, known for his struggle for a healthy lifestyle, is unable to impose a ban on the sale of large servings of sweet drinks.

If this trend continues, by 2030 nearly half of Americans will be obese.


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