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Nikkei: US urges G7 to join forces against Chinese economic pressure

04/03/2023 - 03:31

The United States is urging the G7 nations—which also include the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, and Japan—to take combined action against Chinese economic pressure, reports Nikkei.

The US government and Congress are reportedly debating a measure to increase tariffs on Chinese goods, among other, the newspaper writes. Washington hopes to prevent Beijing's "economic bullying" of other nations in this manner.

According to Nikkei, Washington believes that group efforts are the most successful because so many nations rely on China monetarily. Therefore, if Western nations stay together, Beijing might stop its "economic coercion," according to the US government. Washington has already requested that the topic be included on the schedule of the G7 summit in 2023.

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers unveiled a bill in late February that would give the US President special authority to back allies and partners who are being pressured by China or other nations. He can, among other things, put weight on his superiors to change his duties in the nation's favor.


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