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Lufthansa to demand compensation from eco-activists for flight delays

08/01/2023 - 07:16

Lufthansa’s affiliate Eurowings alone had to cancel 55 flights in just three days.

allen watkin
allen watkin
The largest German airline, Lufthansa, plans to sue for damages after radical eco-activists from the movement Letzte Generation ("Last Generation") blocked the runways at the airports of Hamburg and Düsseldorf in the middle of July, forcing the cancellation of several dozen flights, writes DPA news agency.

In addition to its own flights, Lufthansa also plans to claim reimbursement for all flights operated by the company's subsidiaries that were delayed or canceled. Initially, the company did not specify how much harm there would be, only stating that millions of euros should be involved. 55 flights at Eurowings, a Lufthansa affiliate, were canceled throughout the course of the three days in question.

On July 13, eco-radicals shut down runways at the airports of Hamburg and Düsseldorf, severely disrupting air travel in the airports.



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