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Last Resort, Not a First Choice: Hillary Clinton Condemns Sending Ground Troops to Syria and Iraq

01/26/2016 - 15:24

At a meeting with residents of Iowa, Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claims to be the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, made a statement against sending American ground troops to Syria and Iraq. Mrs. Clinton said "the most important and indispensable task for the president of the United States is the desire to avoid military action," and promised to follow this principle in the case of her election.

Brett Weinstein via flickr
Brett Weinstein via flickr
At a meeting with voters, held in the US state of Iowa, Hillary Clinton said the United States should not send ground troops to Syria and Iraq. At the same time, Mrs. Clinton spoke about her own role in the conclusion of a nuclear agreement with Iran.

"We had a choice - to turn back and wait for someone else to take the action, or apply a new strategy", - Politico quotes the former US Secretary of State. As a result, she said, the United States contributed to the introduction of international sanctions against Iran, and it eventually forced the leadership of the Islamic Republic to the negotiating table. "You cannot imagine what a stressful process it was," - Hillary Clinton added, stressing that she would like to adhere to the policy of non-interference in any case. "That is why I oppose sending ground troops into Syria and Iraq," - she said.  

"I think it is imperative that every President - and I, of course, will do it – should do everything they can to avoid military action. This should be a last resort, not a first choice, "- said Hillary Clinton. She noted that President should be guided by diplomacy, even if achieving results in this case becomes a "slow, boring, difficult" process.

Recall that January 21, Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said that the anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States should have recourse to the ground operation in the Middle East "as part of the strategy in the fight against" ISIL in order to return Iraqi Mosul and Syrian Raqqa captured by ISIL terrorists. January 23, US Vice President Joe Biden announced readiness for a military solution to the conflict in Syria, if the political will is impossible. "We do not know whether it will get better if we find a political solution, but if this is impossible, we are ready to find a military solution to this operation and to rebuff ISIL," - said Mr. Biden at a press conference following the meeting with Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu in Istanbul. Washington explained that this is only about an operation against ISIL.


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