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Japanese are in no hurry to buy Nintendo Switch

03/08/2017 - 12:36

The newest gaming console of Nintendo has shown rather weak sales results in Japan. This can become a problem for the company, although there is a hope for a strong start abroad. The seasonal factor must be taken into account as well.

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Elvis untot
Famitsu portal shared information about Nintendo Switch’s sales in Japan over the past week. So far, the statistics don’t look impressive. It should be noted immediately that, in fact, the "first week" for the Nintendo Switch consisted of three days: the console went on sale only on March 3, that is, on Friday. In three days, players purchased 330,637 new consoles, and bought 190,060 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Sales of new edition of "Zelda" may seem quite low, but it should be borne in mind that Famitsu takes into account only boxed versions of the game. This explanation, however, is not suitable to Nintendo Switch, and the console sales are not impressive. The new console has barely beaten failed Nintendo WiiU, which sold 308,570 units in the first two days of sales.

A gap between sales of the new console and original Nintendo Wii is even wider. Switch sold 330 thousand copies during three days compared to 371 thousand for 2 days for Nintendo Wii. Yet, there is an important factor that should be taken into account: both Wii and WiiU went on sale in the festive December season, which is one of the most profitable for companies and the costliest for buyers. 

In addition, 370 thousand copies of Wii console sold in the first days do not reflect its future phenomenal success, so that Switch also has a chance to become famous, even with a fairly slow start.

It's important to note that the most successful region for launching the new Nintendo console was not Japan, but North America. Other markets may show high interest too, so that the Japanese result will not play such an important role.

For the first two days of its presence, the hybrid gaming system, serving both as a home console and as a portable console, showed better results on the US market than the Nintendo Wii, the Japanese giant’s best-selling console. In particular, the latter sold more than 100 million copies for the whole of its existence. 

Figures for two days cannot be compared, but in due time Nintendo reported that more than 600 thousand consoles were sold during the first eight days of the Wii's existence in North and South America.

Nintendo added that European sales of the console were also better than of any other system in the company's history. Sales of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also showed the best results for the entire existence of the series. Moreover, it is now the best-selling starting game of Nintendo in Europe. Sales of Nintendo Switch for the first weekend have overtaken even Wii Sports, the company's previous best-selling starting game on the European market.