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Italy teeters on the brink of a political crisis

01/13/2021 - 02:45

Italy is on the verge of a political crisis after one of the parties in the ruling coalition threatened to quit the government.

This was reported by Bloomberg, citing officials who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the publication, former prime minister of the country and leader of the centrist party Italia Viva Matteo Renzi may decide to withdraw two ministers who belong to his party from the government.

" Italia Viva holds only a small number of seats in the country's parliament. However, if it leaves the coalition, the country's ruling incumbent prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, will lose his majority in the Italian Senate. 

This could plunge the country into political crisis, but would not necessarily lead to early elections in the country, the paper noted.

Tensions between Renzi and Conte increased markedly late last year. The former prime minister was sharply critical of the government's plan to use funds allocated to Italy from the European Union's economic recovery fund.


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