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Head of the British Chambers of Commerce Is Asked Out Because of "Brexit" Support

03/07/2016 - 12:33

Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce John Longworth resigned. His decision was caused by negative public reaction to support to ‘Brexit’, which he admitted to reporters on March 3.

George Garrigues, wikimedia
George Garrigues, wikimedia
"With the reforms we have achieved to date, the United Kingdom will be richer if we decide to leave the EU" - he said to the press then. After these words, the organization's board of directors at its Friday emergency meeting decided to suspend Longworth from duty.  

Euroscepticism publicly voiced by head of the association of chambers of commerce provoked outrage from the majority of its members. In their view, Longworth’s statement violated the official position of the organization - the principle of neutrality with regard to the upcoming referendum, which "could create confusion."

"No politician or lobby group had any influence on the decision of the British Chambers of Commerce to suspend Longworth from his duties," - said the British Chambers of Commerce in a communiqué. The resignation was approved only by consistent member of the British Chambers of Commerce, and directly by the Longworth himself.

The British Chambers of Commerce consists of 2000 members and bring together 52 profile chambers, which in turn are represented by 92 thousand companies.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to hold a plebiscite on the question of the UK’s staying in or leaving the EU after the re-election in May 2015. He himself was in favor of maintaining the country as part of the union, but only if the union makes concessions, particularly, significant reform of interstate associations. The vote is scheduled for June 23 this year.  

Supporters of the country’s exit from the European Union dominate the UK, according to a recent poll. However, the preponderance is small, and public opinion on the subject is constantly balancing between opposite points of view.