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Hawaii's wildfires become the deadliest in the US in 100 years

08/14/2023 - 10:25

89 people died in flames on the Hawaiian island of Maui, which made the current wildfires the worst in the US in more than a century.

Defense Visual Information Distribution Service
Defense Visual Information Distribution Service
According to Reuters, the number of people killed in the Maui wildfires in Hawaii has increased to 89, which made the current events the worst in the country in more than a century.

Local officials issued a warning that the number of victims might increase. The historic town of Lahaina, which was severely damaged by the fire, is currently undergoing the removal of charred buildings, but only 3% of the debris has been investigated by specially trained dogs thus far.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has calculated that rebuilding the city, which was once a well-liked tourist destination, will cost around $5.5 billion. While 850 hectares of the island's land burned down, the fire destroyed more than 2,200 houses in the city.



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