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EU to start talks with Ukraine and Moldova on their accession to the union

12/15/2023 - 02:07

According to European Council President Charles Michel, nations that are members of the EU have chosen to begin accession talks with Moldova and Ukraine on Thursday.

Dietmar Rabich
Dietmar Rabich
"The European Council has decided to start negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova on their admission to the European Union," he posted to the social network X.

Furthermore, he said, Georgia had been "granted the status of candidate country" by the EU for union membership.

Additionally, Michel stated that the EU leaders have not yet authorized negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding their membership in the bloc, but they will do so as soon as a number of prerequisites are satisfied.

"The EU will give the go-ahead for negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina when the necessary degree of compliance with the membership criteria is achieved, and has invited the European Commission to submit a report by March for such a decision," the head of the European Council stated.

Simultaneously, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban refrained from casting a vote during the EU leaders' decision to begin negotiations with Ukraine regarding the latter's potential entrance to the EU.


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