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EU to impose new taxes on hi-tech giants

02/27/2018 - 11:58

High-tech companies will pay for the place of registration of their content users. The European Union plans to impose a tax on technical corporations in the amount of 1% to 5% of revenue.

The tax will be calculated depending on where the main segment of users is located, and not the office of the company. This is reported by the Reuters agency referring to the draft law.

From corporations that provide online advertising, the tax will be levied in accordance with where the ads are displayed and where the providers of the most advertising content are located. The project is aimed at enhancing the tax liabilities of companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Recall, large EU countries are accusing them in directing profits from their activities to lcountries that impose a low tax, such as Ireland or Luxembourg. The tax will relate to companies whose annual revenues around the world exceed 759 million euros, and are at least EU 10 million in Europe.

Curiously, this news has had an impact on the rate of the single European currency. The euro rose after Mario Draghi’s statements that there are no currency wars. Yet, the quotes turned down after the report on taxes.

Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that the US is lowering corporate taxes, and Europe, on the contrary, is going to raise them, which is unlikely to play into the hands of the EU.

If we talk separately about currencies, then we can observe extremely unusual phenomena in the USA. While the Federal Reserve is going to raise rates, and perhaps 4 times this year, the financial conditions continue to soften.

Perhaps that is why the dollar has not yet moved into the active phase of consolidation, although record volumes of debt securities placement were still distracted by part of dollar liquidity, which, incidentally, helped to slightly reduce yields.

Against this background, Morgan Stanley declares that it is time to take a "bullish" position on the bonds, although other experts on Wall Street do not share this view. So, Goldman Sachs and Warren Buffett warn about the risks of bonds

The bank analyzed the growth scenario for 10-year Treasury yields to 4.5%, although it expects a rate closer to 3.25% by the end of 2018.

Warren Buffett warned last weekend that bonds can raise the level of risk in portfolios, as inflation eats up revenues.

A lot is at stake after a six-month fall in the US $ 14 trillion state debt market, which contributed to the upheavals in global stock markets after several years of growth.