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EC to strengthen support for EU defense industry

10/19/2023 - 07:37

In line with the Ammunition Support for Ammunition Production (ASAP) legislation, the European Commission has declared that it will be providing more support to the European defense industry in 2023–2025.

Training Support Activity Europe
Training Support Activity Europe
"ASAP (Act in Support of Ammunition Production) will allocate €500 million to support investment projects worth up to €1.4 billion, thereby stimulating the ramping up of ammunition and missile production in the European Union," the European Commission stated in a communiqué.

"Europe needs to be more prepared for defense in light of the current geopolitical conditions. By using ASAP, we are assisting the European defense sector in producing more and more of the weapons required for the security of member nations as well as for Ukraine," EC Member for Internal Market Thierry Breton stated. "I call on European industry to respond to the calls we are sending out today, to support industrial projects and step up efforts."

The European Commission is also putting out a call for ideas In order to choose and finance projects that "improve European defense production capacity and support the sustainability of relevant supply chains."