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EC approves merger of Orange's Spanish unit with Masmovil Ibercom

02/21/2024 - 06:16

Following an agreement between the firms to sell some assets, the European Commission (EC) approved the merger of Masmovil Ibercom SA and Orange SA, the Spanish unit of the French telecom operator.

After Orange and Masmovil merge, Spain's biggest telecom company will be valued at €18.6 billion.

The businesses decided to sell licenses for €120 million to Digi Communications NV frequency in December. Furthermore, it was decided that Digi would have access to Orange's network in the future.

The European Commission believed that the regulator's concerns about competition would be addressed during the deal's evaluation. The merger of Orange's Spanish division with Masmovil may have resulted in a 10% increase in service pricing in their absence, according to the EC.

Orange and Masmovil are the second and fourth biggest telecom companies in Spain. The country will have three operators instead of four as a result of their merger.