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David Cameron to Neglect Moscow's WWII commemorations

03/12/2015 - 17:28

British Prime Minister David Cameron does not intend to attend the May 9 military parade in Moscow dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, reported BBC

This was reported by a representative of the prime minister on Thursday, citing reasons of diplomatic nature, said BBC

Relations between London and Moscow have recently deteriorated markedly due to Russia's participation in the military conflict in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said that Russia potentially poses the most serious threat to the national security of the United Kingdom.

We will consider our representation (at a ceremony in Moscow) in the light of our ongoing discussions with Russia and our concern its actions, so I do not think that the Prime Minister has intentions to attend, - said the press secretary of Downing Street, 10.

The celebrations in Moscow devoted to the end of the Second World War, will be held two days after the general election in Britain, so that it makes Cameron’s possible presence doubtful, even if the relationship will be warmer, - said the representative of the Prime Minister. On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the developments in Ukraine does not allow her to take part in the celebrations, which will be held in the Russian capital.

While it is not clear, whether there any of the leaders of the anti-fascist coalition that fought against Nazi Germany will arrive in Moscow.

The United States and the EU have repeatedly accused Moscow of direct involvement in the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, as well as help pro-Russian separatists arms and manpower.

It is worth remembering that David Cameron recently said that Russia must be stopped to Ukrainian conflict does not spread to neighboring countries.

Moscow has consistently denied the charges, claiming that Russia is not a part of the conflict and that only Russian volunteers fighting in the Ukraine..

If Russia does not stop now in Ukraine, then tomorrow we will see the destabilization of Moldova and the Baltic countries, - said mr. Cameron.

Speaking to the Liaison Committee of the British parliament, Cameron said that the continuation of Russian interference in Ukraine might lead to new sanctions against Russia, including the third package of sanctions against key sectors of the Russian economy.

Asked about the possibility of Ukraine weapons, the British prime minister said that it is not the right time to think about it.

According to him, British military will help Ukrainian army with training and logistics, but will be far from the conflict zone.

In this case, the British prime minister does not deny the possibility of further aid to Kiev. However, now there is "non-lethal aid" only.

The Prime Minister also asked about the possibility of a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. According to Cameron, this can be a problem, since Russia is a member of the UN Security Council and, therefore, has veto power and questioned the need for such a mission.

I do not think that Russia behaves as a strategic partner of Europe - said Cameron. However, he added that it is necessary to continue to work with Russia on some issues - such as Iran's nuclear program.
Britain is able to protect its airspace, referring to intercept fighters of the Royal Air Force Russian strategic bombers off the coast of Cornwall last week. Perhaps, Russia is trying thereby to prove something, Cameron added, but it is not clear what.

British Prime Minister traditionally periodically appears on the policy of the Government to the Committee on Relations House of Commons, which coordinates the work of the various parliamentary committees.