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Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses USA of technological blockade

09/02/2022 - 11:04

In an unsuccessful attempt to monopolize the most cutting-edge technology on the planet and uphold its technological superiority, the U.S. is erecting a technological blockade by banning the sale of computer chips, stated Wang Wenbin, a representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Tomas Roggero
Tomas Roggero
"The American strategy typifies technological hegemony. The United States frequently oversimplifies the idea of national security, abusing state authority and attempting to utilize its technological advantages to impede and hinder the development of rising and developing nations," the diplomat added.

Additionally, he stated that Washington's policies "break the laws of the market economy, rules of international commerce, and endanger stability of global supply chains."

"China vehemently rejects this. In a fruitless effort to monopolize cutting-edge global technology, uphold its technological dominance, and destabilize intricately interconnected global production and supply chains, the U.S. politicizes, instrumentalizes, and weaponizes scientific, technical, and trade-economic issues. It also engages in a technological blockade. This will never work," he added.