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China sets daily record for COVID-19 cases

11/24/2022 - 11:59

Doctors in China found 31,656 cases of the coronavirus infection yesterday, November 23. 87% of these cases are asymptomatic. Since the pandemic began, this is a record-breaking increase in a single day. According to AFP, a lockdown has been imposed in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou because of a rise in diseases.

Daniel Arauz
Daniel Arauz
The previous daily high for the growth of COVID-19 cases was 29,411 cases on April 14. According to a report on the State Committee for Health of the People's Republic of China website, there were a total of 297,516 coronavirus infections reported in China during the pandemic, including 5,232 fatalities.

Reuters reports that all of Beijing's parks and museums have closed, while Shanghai has instituted mandatory testing for all visitors coming from foreign countries as well as a three-day isolation quarantine. Authorities in Wuhan have asked locals to stay at home and at work only. Settlements that contribute 20% of China's GDP were subject to different restrictions and lockdowns. This percentage was 15% a week ago.

Workers at a Foxconn Technology Group factory in Zhengzhou, which according to AFP is once again under lockdown, broke out of dorms and assaulted security personnel wearing white hazardous suits, according to Bloomberg. Since the lockdown started in October, violence has become commonplace in the city, according to the agency.