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BP CEO Robert Dudley to step down; no possible successors named

10/03/2019 - 05:22

BP CEO Robert Dudley confirmed his imminent resignation, as reported by Sky News sources last week. He stated that he planned to retire at the age of 65, and declined to name a possible successor.

BP CEO Robert Dudley, who has been in office since 2010, has confirmed to reporters his plans to retire.

Sky News sources said last week that Dudley, 64, would leave the company within 12 months. According to them, Dudley discussed his retirement with Helge Lund, chairman of the board of directors. In addition, the channel’s interlocutors claimed that the resignation of BP’s head would be officially announced in late October, that is, after the publication of results for the III quarter. However, sources mentioned another version, according to which, BP could postpone the announcement until 2020.

Among the possible Dudley’s successors, Sky News named the executive director Bernard Looney and the company’s founding director Brian Gilvary. It was also emphasized that all candidates will be evaluated by Lund himself. According to Bloomberg, earlier in September, Lund claimed that the company was working on succession plans at all levels.

BP CEO Dudley took over after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico and the ensuing oil spill. He has been with the company since 1999, when BP joined American Oil Co. (Amoco), where Dudley was one of the top managers.