The Strategist

Army Games Will Increase Sales of Russian Weapons

08/12/2015 - 15:27

The press is noting that the holding of such a military competition can help strengthen the military-political relations between Russia and the member states and to increase sales of Russian arms.
A retired Brigadier General Ben Barry, an expert in land military operations of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) said in his interview to Bloomberg, that the international military games, started in early August 2015, are a positive factor for Russia's military cooperation with the invited countries, as well as for the promotion of military products:

-    In my opinion, we should mention two main objectives. The first and most simple is that such military competition is a good training for the troops who take part in them. It is clear that there is also a political objective, which consists in improving relations between the defense ministries of Russia and the countries that take part in these competitions. It is worth noting that all these countries have a large amount of Russian weapons and military equipment. Look at the list of members: Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, India Kyrgyzstan, China, Kuwait, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Serbia, Pakistan.

-    All these countries have concluded major contracts for the purchase of Russian weapons. However, I would also point out that the defense policies of these countries provide a potential measures to counter the forces of Western countries. Obviously, the game will be visited by the senior military leadership and senior officers of the countries that take part in them.

-    This is a convenient opportunity for the Russians to demonstrate their weapons and prepare the ground for new defense contracts, confirming the status of Russia as a major player on the global arms market. Russian was one of the leading manufacturers of tanks and armored vehicles, and they want to keep their positions. So these games are an opportunity for the Russian defense industry.