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Antwerp Governor is Threatened with Death if He Does Not Accept Islam

05/25/2015 - 15:50

The message with threats to de Wever written in French was hung out on one of central squares of Antwerp. Now, experts are estimating the reality of the threat.

Luc Van Braekel
Luc Van Braekel
The Belgian Islamists threatened Bart de Wever, the governor of Antwerp, the leader of party of Flemish nationalists "New Flemish alliance", with death if he does not accept Islam, the Contact radio station reported.

The message with threats to de Wever written in French was hung out on one of central squares of Antwerp. Now, experts are estimating the reality of the threat.

- I always warned that in the near future, we would not get rid of threat of Islamic extremists. It has been ignored for years. This wound was shown with Syria now and will suppurate for a long time before we get rid of it — declared de Wever in this regard.

Throughout his political career, de Wever repeatedly received threats, in which connection the protection to the head of Flemish nationalists has been allocated on the state account.
EU coordinator of the fight against terrorism, Giles de Kerchove and the International center of researching problems of radicalization and political violence (London) see the main reason of jihad activity in Belgium in Salafi group Sharia4Belgium. A trial against members of Sharia4Belgium has been lasting since October, where the prosecutor's office have reasoned that at least every tenth Belgian who went to Syria was enlisted by this organization.

Thirst of young Muslims for radical Islam is also explained by the corresponding upbringing. After in 2009 in Belgium Muslim women were forbidden to cover their face, the inflow of newcomers to the organization started growing promptly. Its charismatic leader Fouad Belkacem called for Sharia introduction, organized meetings against a ban on wearing a hijab on which urged young Muslims to join the organisation. According to the prosecutor's office, Sharia4Belgium organized a center, where young Muslims were told about Islam, and arranged the real brainwash. In 2012, the first members of the organization went to Syria.

One of the reasons of their success consists in negligence of representatives of the government, who forbade activity of Sharia4Belgium too late. The organization worked openly, and in this connection, it was not counted potentially dangerous. Belkacem 's defenders conferred all responsibility for activity of jihadists on the government as it did not prevent sending young Muslims to the zone of military operations. Now the government puts the clamps. Few months ago, the Belgium government presented the 12-paragraph plan according to which abroad trips will be forbidden to potential jihadists. Also, drastic measures for resistance to promotion of radical Islam on the Internet and prisons are going to be taken.

Bart de Wever, the leader of the "New Flemish alliance" (NVA), who once had won regional elections in Flanders – today is the main disturber of tranquillity in Belgium. The adherent of ‘humanitarian’ and ‘respectable’ Flemish nationalism, a bright speaker, sharp fellow and cheerful person; a man with very peculiar sense of humour a la legendary Til Ulenshpigel, inconceivably combining countryside slyness and external respectability of manners, brutality and the seeming coolness – this is a controversial portrait of the politician who moved political heaven and earth of the country. Characteristically, de Wever made it without mass marches and political shocking, and without long grandstand play discourses. He did not fuss, patiently waiting in the wings, reacting without excess emotions to charges of Nazism and nearly medieval obscurantism, was not afraid to pass for a figure, unacceptable for creation of the coalitions, – and as a result waited up for the triumphal hour.