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Analyst tells about Apple's plans to buy Tesla in 2013

05/23/2019 - 10:25

Craig Irwin, analyst at Roth Capital Partners, said that Apple wanted to buy Tesla electric car maker at $ 240 per share in 2013. The deal eventually did not take place, and the papers of the company now cost less than $ 200.

Back in 2013, Apple seriously considered the possibility of buying Tesla and offered a price of $ 240 per share, Roth Capital Partners analyst Craig Irwin told on CNBC.

“We carefully checked this information and I am sure that it is correct. Apple offered its price for Tesla.” Irwin added that he didn’t know if the matter reached document processing. Apple and Tesla did not respond to CNBC's request for comment.

According to Irwin, shares of Tesla still have some potential. “If Apple had an interest then, they probably have it now — to buy at the right price,” says the analyst. He added that Apple’s automotive project is developed in secret - the company is building capacious “dry rooms” in order to do something related to car batteries.

CNBC recalls that in 2014, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about meeting of Musk with Head of Apple's mergers and acquisitions and Tim Cook. If the Tesla purchase transaction took place, it would be the largest investment in Apple's history - Tesla's capitalization is now $ 34 billion, while Apple's largest purchase is acquisition of Beats Electronics for $ 3 billion.

From the beginning of the year, Tesla papers have fallen almost 40% to $ 195. Shares have been falling since last August, when its general director Elon Musk announced plans to remove Tesla shares from the stock exchange and that he had found funding for buying out securities from minority shareholders. This week, Morgan Stanley corrected its forecast for Tesla shares in the worst-case scenario for the company - analysts now predict that Tesla will cost not $ 97, but $ 10 per share at a minimum.


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