The Strategist

AB InBev's 2022 profit adds 12.8 percent

03/02/2023 - 10:02

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), a Belgian brewer, reported in a statement that its 2022 earnings increased by 12.8 percent to $6.454 billion.

Profit attributable to stockholders grew by 27.8% to $5.969 billion. It was $3.21 per common share as opposed to $2.85 a year ago. The statement reads that revenue rose 6.4% to $57.786 billion and showed 11.2% organic growth.

Profit for the fourth quarter of 2022 increased 9.3% year over year, to $1.965 billion. In the three months under evaluation, profit attributable to shareholders grew 1.45 times, reaching $2.844 billion. Shareholder earnings increased from $0.9 to $0.98. The quarter's sales added 3.3% year over year to $14.668 billion, with organic growth of 10.2%.

Sales of beer decreased 0.9% year over year in the fourth quarter to 128.502 million hectoliters. The amount increased 1.8% year over year to 517.99 million hectoliters.