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14 EU countries accuse the UK of violating fishing treaty

10/13/2021 - 03:55

14 EU countries have prepared a joint statement accusing the UK authorities of causing "significant economic and social damage" to their fishing industries and violating the Brexit deal.

It was reported by The Guardian, which received a prepared statement of the EU member states. Belgium, France, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Sweden and Latvia plan to sign the statement.

The forthcoming statement is a continuation of the conflict that has arisen after agreements in this area of fisheries were changed due to the UK's withdrawal from the EU. In spring this year, the conflict erupted into open confrontation between France and Britain, when France threatened to cut off electricity supplies to the UK's crown jewel island of Jersey by using a submarine cable.

At the end of September, the conflict escalated: this time the French authorities were unhappy that the UK had granted a license to fish in its coastal waters to only 12 French fishing vessels (in the category up to 12 metres in length), while 47 vessels had applied for the license. The French authorities then accused London of "political games".

As The Guardian notes, the letter from the 14 countries does not threaten to resort to such measures as cutting off electricity. EU representatives hope to resolve the issue diplomatically, while more radical countries, including France, have agreed to forgo tough measures to support the EU's overall efforts.