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Yemen President flees from the country amidst unrest

03/26/2015 - 01:20

Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has fled the southern port city of Aden by boat on Wednesday after Houthi militants seized the city airport and arrested two of his top officials.

The drastic move by the Houthi militants in the poorest Arab country has agitated its wealthy neighbor, Saudi Arabia, who is planning to take military actions against the dissidents.

Meanwhile, it is not clearly known where the Yemeni president has fled to and the Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud Al Faisal publicly acknowledged that the kingdom was prepared to take necessary measures to protect that interest. The country has been doing military exercises in the Bahah region of Saudi Arabia.

The US has also condemned the militants with White House press secretary Josh Earnest saying they were causing ‘widespread instability and chaos. The unrest in the country has also sabotaged the drone program initiated by the US against militant Jihadist groups.

The US has also closed its embassy as many other countries and withdrew its military personnel in the country. The current security situation in Yemen has made it a challenging task for the US military on the ground of Yemen to fight al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The situation in the country had been worsening over the last few months with the country’s ousted Dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh partnering with the Shiite Houthis against President Hadi.

President Hadi had reached out for help from its neighbor Saudi Arabia and the UN. The Arab League also was involved in governing the unrest in the country and scheduled to discuss further actions and regional intervention in the capital tomorrow while the Houthi militants captured the airport and the Central Bank Headquarters of the ocuntry.