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Xerox aims to buy HP

11/06/2019 - 10:50

Manufacturer of copiers, scanners, printers Xerox may acquire its competitor HP. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources, the company's board of directors discussed the possibility of such a deal on Tuesday, November 5, but has not yet made a final decision.

Ken Bosma via flickr
Ken Bosma via flickr
The market value of HP is about $ 27 billion, which is almost three times the value of its competitor. According to sources, Xerox intends to pay for a possible transaction in part in cash and partly in its own shares.

Part of the funds for this deal will be received from Fujifilm, which on Tuesday agreed to buy back a 25% stake in the joint venture with Xerox for $ 2.3 billion and become its sole owner. In addition, according to the sources of the publication, Xerox has already received a notification from one of the major banks about its readiness to provide a loan for a deal with HP.


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