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World about Nice attack: "Shocked and frightened"

07/15/2016 - 14:27

Mass media of France, the United States and other countries are discussing the attack, which took place in Nice during the celebration of Bastille Day. The journalists are confident that the event will leave a deep scar on France and on the affected city, in particular. People are thinking back over assumption of French intelligence agency’s Head, who previously said that ISIL changed their tactics, and predicted a crisis for President Hollande.

FRANCE 24 via youtube
FRANCE 24 via youtube
British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson wrote on his Twitter that he is shocked with horrific events in Nice:
"Shocked and saddened by the appalling events in Nice, and the terrible loss of life."

The Guardian

“The situation for Hollande is more serious than ever. The fact that France was again attacked in only eight months after the shocking terrorist attacks in Paris, is turning into a real crisis for Hollande’s presidency. It is frightening that there were a few children among those killed yesterday. We can expect to see a stormy political debate about internal security and the intelligence services in the coming days. There are only nine months before the presidential elections in France, and security has already become a key issue.

This month, Hollande's ratings have fallen to historic lows. In turn, ultra-high ratings of "National Front" leader Marine Le Pen show that she can reach the second round of presidential elections. At the same time, the right-wing "Republicans" of Nicolas Sarkozy are now holding primaries to select a candidate.”

The US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his condolences over the tragedy during his visit to Moscow. He described the event in Nice as an "attack on innocent people in the day of celebrating Freedom, Equality and Fraternity."


“Almost every day, there are a lot of people on this esplanade. This Thursday, it was filled with people who came to celebrate the Day of Bastille. It happened immediately after the fireworks ended. Just like the last year's Paris attacks and the Charlie Hebdo attack, this assault on the very French way of life will leave a deep scar on France and on the city in the south of the country.”

German President Joachim Gauck said that he was shocked by the "brutal attack on innocent celebrating people." He called the terrorist attack in France "an attack on the free world’s values." "Bastille Day is a celebration of ideals of the French Revolution, which are our values as well", - said Gauck. 

Die Welt

“The terrorist act sounded frighteningly familiar. Although the motives are not clear, there are many signs that it is again about the criminal-radicals socialized in France... The more blurred the target, the more victims there are, the stronger the shock and, therefore, the attack’s effect. Terrorists can arrange a massacre in a restaurant or in a concert hall, can enter into a crowd on the waterfront. The message is obvious. this can happen to anyone and anywhere.

The attack occurred just when the country relaxed a little - both politically and psychologically - after the month-long state of emergency . A few hours before the attack, President Francois Hollande canceled the public emergency lasted in the country since the November terrorist attacks. European Football Championship did not bring any serious security problems, to everyone's relief, and contrary to fears. The atmosphere was - until the final defeat of the French - joyful and inspiring.

It was in Nice, where the Icelanders have won over the British two weeks before, and the crowd then did not start fighting, but staged a song contest instead. On Thursday evening, the truck left its bloody trail exactly where the gay "village" of the European Championship was located in recent weeks. On Friday night, Hollande extended the state of emergency for three months, and mobilized operating reserves of the security services. "War" in France continues.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that Europe will fight against terrorism, "both inside and outside its borders." "Our commitment will only complement our unity", - said Juncker.