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World Bank launches new Business Ready project to replace Doing Business

05/02/2023 - 09:56

The World Bank said that it has begun work on a new project called Business Ready that would replace the previous Doing Business rating that evaluates the business and investment climate.

World Bank / Simone D. McCourtie
World Bank / Simone D. McCourtie
"The World Bank Group has begun work on an assessment of the business and investment climate to 180 economies within the flagship project Business Ready," the agency announced.

It is noted that the new project is intended to be a key instrument of the World Bank's new strategy to promote private investment, job growth, improved productivity and accelerated development.

"Business Ready improves and replaces the World Bank Group's previous project Doing Business," the statement reads. The economies project is also said to be "more balanced and transparent" and will include data from 54 countries in the first study, which is scheduled to be published in 2024.