The Strategist

Wion: India may ban sugar exports

05/02/2023 - 10:01

According to Wion TV, which cited a government source, the Indian government intends to stop sugar exports due to dwindling sugar production and to stop inflationary pressures before next year's legislative elections.

There is currently enough sugar to satisfy the estimated 27.5 million tons of domestic consumer demand, but the government does not want to take any chances before this year's state elections and next year's Lok Sabha (India's lower house of parliament) elections, the source said.

The news station reports that a delegation of ministers has advised mills to halt exporting sugar with "immediate effect."

Almost 200 thousand tons of sugar have not yet been sent for export, according to official data, despite the fact that the majority of it has already been shipped in accordance with the fixed quota set for the current year.