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What is the most profitable cryptocurrency in 2019?

05/31/2019 - 10:51

The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rose by almost 100% in May only. However, it wasn’t the only profitable cryptocurrency asset - other cryptocurrencies and tokens brought yield of several hundred percent since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin (BTH) in April and May 2019 attracted attention of investors once again. In just two months, its  course has grown from $ 4,000 to almost $ 9,000. These levels have not been reached since May 2018. Yet, despite impressive growth, Bitcoin was not the fastest growing cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year.

Forbes analyzed profitability of cryptocurrencies and tokens that are in the top 50 by capitalization (based on Coinmarketcap data). This allowed the newspaper to pick time-tested coins: only two types of coins issued since the beginning of 2019 were included in the list. This is BitTorrent (traded since January 31), and Cosmos (ATOM), which was released on March 14 (ranked last in terms of profitability out of 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens).

In the period from January 1 to May 27, the largest growth was shown by digital coins such as Binance Coin (+ 488%), Holo (+ 376%) and Ravencoin (+ 308%). Binance Coin is the token of one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges Binance. Holo is a Holochain platform token, which, according to the creators, will be used as a means of payment in the ecosystem. Ravencoin is the brainchild of the Bitcoin network associated with a project on the transfer of assets in a distributed ledger (blockchain). The first coin appeared in 2017, the second and third - in 2018.

Bitcoin took the 17th position in this list - since the beginning of the year it has increased in price by 131%.