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Volkswagen resumes diesel car recycling program

10/19/2018 - 15:20

German Volkswagen announced start of its second large-scale recycling program for old diesel cars.

When buying cars of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda brands, owners of old diesel cars of any brands are offered two discount options, one of which is completely new, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to the company, the first stage of the program, which lasted from August 2017 until June 2018, allowed it to scrap more than 210 thousand old diesel cars with a particularly high level of harmful substances in exhaust gases (environmental standards Euro 1 to Euro 4).

Now VW resumes this program, which implies payment of an “environmental premium” to car owners who trade in old diesel engines of any brand in Germany. They get a discount when they buy a new or recently registered used car with a diesel, gasoline or electric motor. Size of the discounts depends on the brand and model.

So, Audi said that when buying a new car of this brand with an environmental standard of Euro-6, the discount depending on the model will be € 3-10 thousand. Seat offers discounts from € 2.5 thousand (Ibiza model) to € 8 thousand (Alhambra). Owners of light commercial vehicles VW can count on € 4-8 thousand.

The program’s new element is an offer to residents of 14 German cities with particularly high levels of air pollution and the surrounding rural areas. Owners of used diesel cars of the Euro-4 and Euro-5 environmental standards that reside here can, when they buy a new car, count in the market value of the old car. After that, they receive another “exchange premium” in addition to this sum. This discount can reach € 9 thousand depending on the model at Audi, and Volkswagen offers up to 7 € thousand.

Websites of the firm and its subsidiaries indicate that in the near future the Federal Motor Transport Agency will send an official letter to potential applicants for such an exchange, which will give them the right to make a deal at the respective car dealers.

Similar programs for the disposal of old diesel cars have been announced in recent days by other companies operating in the German market. This was a reaction to the decisions on diesel cars taken by the German government in early October.

On October 12, Daimler announced that it would increase discounts for owners of diesel cars and minivans living in the most polluted regions to € 3-10 thousand. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz car brand emphasizes that discounts are provided in addition to other existing bonuses, including those € 3 thousand euros, which buyers of hybrid models can receive.

French Renault is ready to offer a discount of up to € 10 thousand. The offer is addressed to everyone who owns cars of environmental standards Euro 1 to Euro 5 diesel in Germany, and purchases a new passenger car. The offer may include a discount for the purchase of an electric vehicle (€ 5 thousand).


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