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Upsurge of Crimes in USA

09/02/2015 - 14:58

This year, crime rates soared in various US cities after several years of decline, according to the local government and the American media.

American authorities have not yet announced general statistics for 2015, but some of the cities themselves have already published the data. At least 30 cities reported an increase in homicides.

Experts find it difficult to say with certainty what lies behind the trend manifested this summer.

According to New York Times, the largest increase in the number of murders recorded in Milwaukee (Wisconsin): for this part of 2015, the number of murders increased by 76% in the city.

Next in the list are - St. Louis (Missouri) with a 60-percent increase in the number of murders and Baltimore (Maryland), which recorded 56 percent growth.

Washington recorded 44 per cent increase in the number of homicides.

In New York, the number of murders jumped at once to 20% in 2015 compared to last year. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, at a press conference in June, acknowledged the increase in the number of murders, yet expressed hope that the city’s law enforcement officers will be able to stem the crime tide.

Ferguson Effect

Some observers gave the name "Ferguson effect" to the trend. According to them, the tendency has been expressed in rise of anti-police sentiments. It may be triggered by the police’s cautious behavior, trying not to catch the eye of journalists, as police officers found themselves in the center of the scandal more than once in recent years. The result is clear - criminals behave more arrogantly while the police is not so effective in their daily work.

Other experts, however, doubt in such explanations, agreeing that it may be the cause of rising crime in individual cities, not throughout the country.

The death of black teenager in August last year at the hands of white police led to race riots in Ferguson, predominantly inhabited by African Americans.

Mass protests, caused by the murder of Michael Brown, escalated into riots, which continued for several weeks.

Also, several scandals, triggered by the killings of unarmed Afro-Americans by white police officers, recently happened in the United States.

Other, however, explain the increase in crime that more young people are trying to solve their problems with the help of firearms.

Experts note growth in the number of gun owners in the United States, as well as a surge in violence associated with gang showdowns.

Milwaukee - the number of murders has increased from 86 last year to 104 in 2015
St. Louis - the number of murders has increased from 85 last year to 136 in 2015
Baltimore - the number of murders rose from 138 last year to 215 in 2015
Washington - the number of murders has increased from 73 last year to 105 killings in 2015


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