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Ukrainian Village on Fire: Smoke Pillars and Black Rain

06/09/2015 - 17:50

The evacuation of local residents started within a radius of two kilometers, and "black rain" was spotted in the village near the oil depot burning. There are different versions of the incident: from arson to a technical error when working with oil.
Large fire at oil depot in the village of Kryachko, Kiev region, which broke out on Monday evening, has not yet been fought - sixteen of seventeen fuel tanks are burning. Rescuers halted the spread of fire, not letting it spread towards forest. The fire killed one person, another died from burns in hospital, 14 people were injured, including seven rescuers. The situation is complicated by the fact that the area of fire has another oil base, as well as an arsenal of military unit. Environmentalists predict that such a large fire is disastrous – it can lead to environmental pollution and diseases caused by harmful substances.
BRSM-oil - the tank farm owner - do not exclude that arson could be the cause of emergency:
- In our view, this is a continuation of the chain of terrorist attacks in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky (the company had an explosion at gas stations in April 2014) and ending with filling complex in Brovary (28th kilometer of the highway Kyiv-Chernihiv in January of 2015)", - says the Strategic Marketing Department director of Youth Union-oil Alexander Melnychuk.

As the representative of a company noted, it is important to put out the fire in the first hours, but up to three o'clock in the morning the rescuers still could not cope with fire, that leaped on eight vessels and has spread to almost all the tanks with fuel by eight in the morning.
He also says that ‘there is no and cannot be’ any toxic substances in the tank farm. According to him, there is only diesel fuel and gasoline. He assured that all the victims will receive compensation.
It later became known that the situation is complicated by the fact that the area of fire is part of a military arsenal.

In this regard, the secretary of National Defense and Security Alexander Turchinov said that another criminal proceeding launched to find out who gave permission for the construction of a tank farm not far from the military unit with military arsenal.

- I would like to note that here we can see how criminal actions leaded to serious and dangerous. We have regulations that strictly prohibit any oil depot, explosive objects and so on near military units that have fighting arsenals.

Forest around the tank farm had to be cut down to the fire not to spread towards the military unit.
According to TV channel "112 Ukraine" on Tuesday, a black rain was noticed in one of the villages of Kyiv region not far from the burning object.

- Ten minutes ago, there was rain, and literally black water gushed from the sky, a black cloud hung over us. A pillar of black smoke is visible for several tens of kilometers, - said the TV channel.

source: ria news

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