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US House of Representatives approves bill to simplify LNG exports

02/16/2024 - 02:04

Voting results indicate that on February 15, the US House of Representatives adopted a bill to streamline the exporting of liquefied natural gas, in spite of opposition from the White House.

Jan Arrhénborg / AGA
Jan Arrhénborg / AGA
225 congressmen voted in favor of the Unlocking National LNG Potential Act, while 200 voted against it.

House Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise stated, "We should give freedom to American energy production and provide our allies with a safe source of energy, not complicate production by fostering destructive bureaucracy, jeopardizing our energy sector, and destroying American jobs."

Under the plan, there would be no need to coordinate LNG exports to nations with which the US does not have free trade agreements. The administration's adamant opposition to this initiative is underscored by the White House, which claims that it "undermines the ability to control the export of the country's most important strategic resource." Prior to this, President Joe Biden issued an order to halt the clearance process for new contracts involving US LNG exports.