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US Department of Energy announces oil production growth in the country

02/15/2022 - 08:27

Oil production in the main oil and gas producing areas of the U.S., a significant part of production in which is shale oil, in March will increase compared to the current month by 109 thousand barrels per day, or 1.3%, to 8.707 million barrels, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the Ministry of Energy forecasts.

Martin Lopatka
Martin Lopatka
Production in the Permian Basin will increase by 71,000 barrels to 5.205 million barrels per day, Eagle Ford will grow by 24,000 to 1.146 million, the Bakken and Anadarko will rise by 6,000 each to 1.198 million and 399,000, respectively.

At Appalachia and Niobrara the growth will be one thousand for each, to 114 thousand barrels per day and 612 thousand, respectively. At Haynesville, production will remain unchanged at 33 thousand barrels per day.

The EIA also expects total gas production from all of these fields to increase by 499 million cubic feet per day in March, to 91.686 billion cubic feet per day.

Also, according to EIA, the total number of unfinished wells in the U.S. area in question declined by 191 in January compared to December, to 4,466.