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UN Secretary General comes to Turkey to tackle grain issue

07/22/2022 - 04:01

In an effort to negotiate a deal on grain exports from Ukraine and Russia as well as fertilizer imports from Russia, UN Secretary-General António Guterres will visit Istanbul, according to UN Deputy Spokesman General Farhan Haq.

Leif Jørgensen
Leif Jørgensen
The U.N. secretary general will visit Istanbul as part of initiatives to ensure international access to Russian and Ukrainian goods and fertilizers, according to Haq.

He added that he was unable to declare conclusion of negotiations for a deal on grain exports between Russia and Ukraine.

He said that the scenario at the negotiations in Istanbul is "floating." Earlier, Guterres stated that he would be prepared to fly to Istanbul to sign a grain agreement if necessary. An earlier round of negotiations to settle the grain dispute took place in Istanbul with military delegations from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and the UN.

After the discussions, the establishment of a coordination center in Istanbul was agreed upon, according to Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar.