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UK abolishes vaccination passports and mandatory masks

01/20/2022 - 08:42

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lifted some of the previous coronavirus restrictions as of 25 January.

The decision was taken amid a scandal involving parties at the government residence during the lockdown.

These include vaccine passports, the requirement to wear masks in public places and the recommendation to work from home.

"Mandatory certification will end, organisations can decide whether or not to use covid passes, but we are ending the mandatory use of covid certificates in England," stressed Johnson, speaking in Parliament.

The UK is not likely to extend its isolation regime because of the coronavirus after 25 March, he added. The COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end and mandatory requirements will be replaced by advice for those who fall ill to be careful and think about the health of others, the prime minister said.

He noted that the UK is moving towards a long-term 'living with COVID' strategy, which includes an active vaccination campaign to avoid future restrictions.

In the past 24 hours, 94,400 infections and 438 deaths from the disease have been identified in the UK. There have been over 15 million cases of coronavirus infection in the entire pandemic, with 152,500 deaths from COVID-19.

83.4% of the UK citizens were vaccinated and 63.6% were revaccinated.