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U.S. watchdog investigates December recall of 2 million Tesla cars

04/29/2024 - 03:37

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an inquiry into Tesla’s recall that impacted two million electric vehicles in December of last year.

The government is investigating the adequacy of the corrective actions implemented during the campaign.

Tesla held a recall of its Model Y, Model X, Model S, Model 3, and Cybertruck automobiles in order to investigate a potential safety hazard in the autopilot technology. These cars are the oldest, dating back to 2012.

Following the automaker's troubleshooting, the NHTSA's Defects Investigation Division discovered at least 13 collisions involving numerous injuries and one or more fatalities that may have been caused by "foreseeable misuse" of autopilot.

Many complaints have been made about Tesla's autopilot technology, one of which is that drivers aren't utilizing it carefully, MarketWatch notes.