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U.S. baby formula manufacturer apologizes for product shortages

05/23/2022 - 04:25

Robert Ford, the CEO of Abbott, has apologized to American families for the newborn formula shortfall. The shortage emerged after the company was forced to return a big batch of products after regulatory regulators suspected the production line was infected with harmful bacteria.

Mike Mozart via flickr
Mike Mozart via flickr
"We apologize to every family that was let down because we aggravated the nation's newborn formula crisis when we voluntarily recalled (the items)," Ford wrote in a Washington Post article.

Abbott says that recalling the items was the appropriate move because it did not want to put children's health at danger.

President Joe Biden announced earlier this week that he had signed a bill to make it simpler for low-income women to receive the infant formula they require amid a nationwide scarcity. The shortage occurred due to the withdrawal of huge batches of infant formula after regulators suspected contamination with harmful germs on Abbott's production line, which is estimated to be 40-50 percent of the US market need.


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