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U.S. and EU call for immediate de-escalation of situation around Kosovo

12/29/2022 - 09:36

The increasingly volatile situation in Kosovo's north has drawn alarm from both the European Union and the United States.

UN Photo/Flaka Kuqi
UN Photo/Flaka Kuqi
According to the statement of the US Embassy, "We urge everyone to display the greatest amount of caution, take prompt action to unconditionally de-escalate the situation, and desist from provocations, threats, and intimidation." The U.S. and EU expect Kosovo and Serbia to resume fostering an environment that is conductive to peacemaking, regional stability, and collaboration for the benefit of their citizens.

The statement further noted, "We welcome the Kosovo leaders' assurances that there are no lists of Kosovo Serbs to be detained or charged for peaceful protests/barricades."

Germany had claimed that Serbia's military buildup near its border with Kosovo was sending "the wrong message." Belgrade was urged by Berlin to tone down its "completely unacceptable" rhetoric. Germany also voiced alarm about the rise in tensions in northern Kosovo and urged Belgrade to assist in tearing down "illegal" roadblocks erected there by Serbs.