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Tradedoubler To Provide Much Needed Guidance And Other Facilities To Start-Ups

04/20/2015 - 16:19

Tradedoubler’s Zoo Project has come up with new business ideas to help secure a stable place for the online e-commerce start-ups.
Interested applicants are to submit their business plans, which will be scrutinised by a panel whereby the selected candidates will enjoy many benefits to make a name for oneself as an entrepreneur. – 20 April 2015 – The Regional Director of Tradedoubler, Dan Cohen, talks about how various projects can help the start-ups to overcome “financial challenge(s)”. At present, in London, the average cost of a monthly rented office space is about “£ 13,609”. Moreover, research studies show that in U.K. almost fifty percent of start-ups wither away within just “five years”. However, The Zoo Project being an incubator for e-commerce start-ups, under the wings of Tradedoubler, helps upcoming online entrepreneur and other e-commerce in their emerging stages.
Consequently, Dan Cohen writes:
“The performance marketing specialist is providing budding companies with that all-essential first step towards business success by offering ten UK-based entrepreneurs a year’s free office space in the heart of London, in its new premises at Moorgate.”
The StartUp Britain informs that United Kingdom has topped the list of European countries having the highest rate of entrepreneurships. In fact, StartUp Britain has mentioned that in 2014 nearly five hundred thousand businesses came up. Nevertheless, due to the costly rent of office areas along with the want of adequate “business advice” and “mentoring”, it is estimated that half of the start-ups are likely to fail. Therefore, Tradedoubler is willing to step in the scene and help to “resolve these challenges”.
In order to avail the guidance from Tradedoubler, the start-up applicants will have to submit “their business plan”.  The business plans “will be judged by a panel” which will be consisted of leading business experts and prominent marketing retailers like the C.E.O of “myHealthPal & Global Ambassador British Interactive Media Association”, shortly termed as BIMA, Mary Keane-Dawson, the Co-founder of Squawka Sports, Leo Harrison, the founder of StyleNest and the “Head of Product” at “Bauer Xcel Media”, Hannah Rouch, the Regional Director of Tradedoubler, Dan Cohen, the Managing Director of Vouchercloud, Matt Wood, and the Managing Director of PerformanceIN, Sarah Parsonage.
The participants who will be chosen based on their applications will enjoy a rent free office-space for a year which will be “complemented by” consultation and guidance from technology and marketing experts from the in-house experts at Tradedoubler. Moreover, the successful applicants will have the chance to work with “major brand advertisers and partners” along with there will be ample opportunity of networking with other entrepreneurs. In short the basic requirements at the outset to run a successful “online company” will be made available.
In Dan Cohen’s words:
“The Zoo Project has helped kick-start eleven online success stories over the past three years and we’re looking forward to developing the programme further by creating a hub of creativity and business innovation from our new city-base.  Through the Zoo Project, we’ve discovered innovative new affiliates, start-ups and publishers and have worked collaboratively with them to help maximise commercial opportunities in the early stages of their development. The insight we can share from some of the world’s most successful and respected brands is priceless for any new business and we’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation of talented web entrepreneurs.”
The success story of the various online fashion traders like LUX FIX, HipSnip and StyleNest are the testimonies of the important role the Zoo Project plays in their earlier stages. Rebecca Glenapp, the Co-Founder of LUX FIX says:
“It’s so rare to find such an innovative project designed especially for start-ups, and we highly recommend budding entrepreneurs to get involved and join the Zoo!”