The Strategist

Top five digital jobs

06/14/2018 - 15:54

Many jobs that have become familiar to us emerged just a few years ago. However, many of them have already become popular and highly paid. Below are the top five popular professions of the digital era.

E-learning Developer 

The dynamics of the modern life demands fast and inexpensive ways of transferring knowledge. Online education is rapidly developing, and E-Learning has already become vital for many educational and business institutions. The main task of the E-learning developer, which creates the concept of E-Learning, is development of teaching methods and selection of didactic material.

Search Engine Marketing Manager

The SEA manager is an expert who helps potential customers find the product or service they are interested in. He also helps advertisers present their offer to target user groups. His responsibilities include placing and optimizing in search engines advertisements whose content depends on the composition of search queries or the interests of users.

Affiliate Marketing Manager

With a variety of products offered on the Internet, it is very difficult for small companies to promote their products. Therefore, many of them conclude agreements with large portals to publish their advertisements from which the user is redirected to the advertiser's site. The affiliate marketing manager looks for potential partners and organizes marketing campaigns.

Security Information Manager

In the digital age, the problem of information security and protection against hacker attacks is acute for each company. The SIM-manager develops the concept of information security at a company, assesses information risks, plans measures to minimize them, creates and implements appropriate control mechanisms, and monitors them.

Data Scientist

The data scientist is considered one of the most highly paid and promising professions. He is an expert in informatics; his tasks include analysis, processing, structuring, saving and presentation of data in digital form, using artificial intelligence for working with them, and designing databases.