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Top 10 companies in the world by amount of investment

01/12/2018 - 14:07

It turns out that technological giants overtook oil and gas companies in terms of investment in 2017.

Mike Mozart via flickr
Mike Mozart via flickr
1. Samsung Electronics

In 2017, Samsung Electronics spent $ 44 billion on the construction of new plants and the expansion of existing production capacity. This allowed the company to take the 1st place among public companies in the world in terms of capital investments.

2. PetroChina

Oil and gas companies have traditionally been leaders in terms of investment, but the fall in oil prices made them look into the future more carefully. PetroChina took the second place in the rating of corporate investments with $ 29 billion.

3. China Mobile

Telecommunications operators are not lagging behind. There are three of them on the third place - China Mobile with $ 27 billion and two US companies, according to the estimates of the S&P Global Market Intelligence.

4. Gazprom

Russian Gazprom has to spend a lot on the construction of pipelines. In particular, the company is implementing projects such as "Nord Stream-2", "Turkish Stream", "The Power of Siberia". Total capital expenditures in 2017 amounted to $ 25 billion.

5. Royal Dutch Shell

After the fall in oil prices began in mid-2014, oil companies canceled or delayed investment by about $ 1 trillion by 2016, according to Wood Mackenzie. But the price recovery allowed Royal Dutch Shell to spend $ 23 billion in 2017

6-7. AT & T

The largest US telecommunications company also ranks 1st in the country in terms of investments in development: the sum amounted to $ 22 billion in total.

6-7. Arris

The 7th place in the world is taken by the American manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and high-speed data transmission systems Arris. Its investment also numbered $ 22 billion.

8. Volkswagen

German Volkswagen is the only automaker in the top 10. Despite the consequences of "Dieselgate", the company is actively developing production. In 2017, VW spent $ 21 billion, and in the next five years, the investments will total 72 billion euros ($ 86.4 billion), including 34 billion euros ($ 40.8 billion) in the development of electric vehicles, digital technologies and autonomous vehicles.

9. Exxon Mobile

According to preliminary estimates of Barclays, investments in the global oil and gas industry grew by 7% last year. Exxon Mobil has spent $ 18 billion.

10. Verizon Communications

According to the forecast of Goldman Sachs, investments of world technology companies will grow in 2017-2020. on average by 10.5% per year against 3.2% for companies in general. Telecommunications company Verizon Communications (its division Verizon Wireless is the largest US wireless service provider) invested $ 17 billion in 2017.