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Top 10 car brands in 2016

06/10/2016 - 16:00

Millward Brown estimated that cost of ten world’s most important automotive brands in 2016 is $ 139 900 000 000, that is, 3% less than last year. At that, the ranking leaders have only strengthened their positions, and the Dieselgate scandal critically influenced the composition of the top-10. The cost of car brands is affected not only by errors or sales success, but also by shift in youth’s preferences - from car ownership to their use in the car-sharing networks and lift-sharing services.


The brand’s value has increased by 2% to $ 29.5 billion, which demonstrates the growth of confidence in the brand, which successfully overcame painful growing in the past years. Toyota occupies the 28th position in the first one hundred brands (30th in 2015).

2. BMW

The brand’s value rose by 2% for the year to $ 26.84 billion. In the top 100 brands, BMW occupies the 33rd position (34th in 2015)

3. Mercedes- Benz

Mercedes-Benz brand value had the biggest annual increase more than other major brands - by 4% to $ 22.71 billion. Besides the successful launch of several models, the brand is leveraged by an increase in sales growth in China. Recall that the country is the world’s largest automotive market other premium brands are now doing not so good.

4. Honda

The Japanese company, as well as its national rival Toyota, began to pay more attention to the cars design, which is improving the consumers’ perception and emotional assessment, the researchers note.

5. Ford

The company has been cited as an example of the change in business model. Not so long ago, Ford shifted from production and sales of vehicles to the development of new mobility services, launching FordPass service, FordHub shops and other programs that meet tastes of younger customers.

6. Nissan

Nissan's brand value increased over the year by 1% to $ 11.48 billion. The company is apparently doing well, especially in North America, Millward Brown’s researchers noted.

7. Audi

German Audi has suffered along with its controlling company Volkswagen as a result of "Dieselgate. The brand value decreased by 6% to $ 9.5 billion. As for VW itself, it held the 8th place in the top ten car brands last year with an estimate of $ 9.28 billion. This time, it didn’t even hit the top 10.

8. Porsche

Brand of the sports car manufacturer, also known for design and engineering developments, has been valued at $ 4.44 billion.

9. Land Rover

Land Rover brand has suffered from falling sales in China. The rating has been reduced by 5% to $ 4.73 billion.

10. Tesla

Brand of American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla entered the top ten for the first time, with an estimate of $ 4.44 billion - just above the Porsche (at $ 2 million). The brand is associated with the future of the automotive industry, and the upcoming launch of the $ 35,000-worth model will allow more people to feel the onset of the future.